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Latest updates: New participant – Kelly Learn more »
Latest updates: New participant – Kelly Learn more »

What is SpyGasm?

SpyGasm is not simply a reality show. It goes beyond.
This is a highly sensual experience sure to arouse your imagination. SpyGasm will give you a first-row seat to the participants' sex life, passion and love, all happening in front of our cameras 24/7!
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Spy on the participants!
Every participant has its own thrilling story to tell! Get an inside look into the life of attractive, passionate and daring girls and guys from all over the world who love flirting and having fun. And guess what? They’re willing to do anything to win the main prize!
It's up to YOU to decide who will become the winner!
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Fight for the main prize!
The participants of SpyGasm live in luxurious apartments in Europe's most exotic destinations. They’re always communicating with the audience, fulfilling ALL their wishes. There’s contests, voting and lots of drama, too! The participants are always earning points towards the main prize - a LUXURY APARTMENT in sunny Spain or hot Miami!